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Exams for Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

  1. Examination dates are offered during free lecture times. Exams are taken only on current lectures! Only oral exams are offered NO written exams! See further information.

  2. To have a signature on the plan of exam courses, it is not necessary to see Prof. Zitterbart personally. Therefore the paper can just be left at the secretary's desk. In case of unclear points, questions on exam and examination conditions, please come to see Prof. Zitterbart at her open office time.
  3. Necessary for registration are both documents plan of exam courses and permission (”blue paper” from student office). Please see to make your registration in adequate time to make sure to get listed.
  4. In case of cancellation after beeing listed, please observe the valid examination regulations of the Informatics Faculty.
  5. In case of cancellation after beeing listed without medical certificate as required in our Informatics reglementations, a new examination date can only be fixed after a period of three months.

Further information on the exam

For Economists oral exams are offered by Prof. Dr. Zitterbart. For the examination in Telematics as deepening course, you can choose from the following offer so that at least 12 SWS can be examined.


Telematics must be part of the schedule. When choosing Telematics, Introduction into Computer Networks is madatory. Exams in Satellite Communication can be done as oral exams. Exercises cannot be part of an exam.

Subject Semester SWS Lecturer
Telematics (new) (starts now) WS 2 Zitterbart
Communication and Data Storage (only "Comm.-part") SS 2 changes
Wireless Sensor-Actuator-Networks SS 2 Zitterbart
Mobile Communication SS 2 Zitterbart
High Performance Communication WS 2 Zitterbart
Next Generation Internet SS 2 Bless
Multimedia Communication WS 2 Bless
Ubiquitous Information Technologies WS 2 Juling
Network Security: Protocols and Architecture SS 2 Zitterbart/Mayer
Satellite Communication WS 2 Jondral
Simulation of Computer Networks SS 2 Hartenstein
Exercises Course  in Telematics SS 2 Zitterbart
Exercises Course in Mobile Communication WS 2 Zitterbart
Exercises Course in  Simulation of Computer Networks SS 2 Hartenstein

Duration: The oral exam lasts 1 hour.

Cancellation: In case of cancellation, please observe the following regulations (§8 Diplomprüfungsordung/Diploma Examination Regulations):

  1. Cancellation of examination is possible until third working day (inclusively) without giving any further reasons. Concerning oral exams, the examination committee is allowed to establish a longer time limit of 2 weeks maximum, what however has to be announced by a notice on the bulletin board. Cancellation has to be send in written form to the examiner. In special cases, the examination committee in charge can be informed directly.

  2. Cancellation after this time limit is only possible, if reasons occur, which cannot be influenced by the candidate himself (force majeure). These have to be immediately communicated to the examiner. In case of illness, a medical certificate can be required. This is also valid, if an examination date was missed. The examination committee makes a decision whether the reasons can be accepted or not. In case of a negative decision, the student has to be immediateley informed in written form about the reasons, and his right to appeal. If the candidate does not participate the exam without having cancelled his date in advance (see paragraph 1. and 2.), the examination performance will be valued as "not sufficient" (5,0).