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Projektpraktikum: Softwarebasierte Netze
Zielgruppe MA-Informatik
Dozent Mario Hock
Prof.Dr. Martina Zitterbart
Robert Bauer
Leistungspunkte 6 ECTS

General information

This course is aimed at master students in the area of computer science (6 ECTS). The course includes weekly meetings and a preliminary discussion on 2018-04-19 (1pm, R367, building 20.20). The course will be given in English. To sign up, please visit https://wiwi.link/ppsdn18

About the course

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging approach for controlling and managing network infrastructures. All control functionality (such as routing) is implemented in software  and executed with the help of a centralized controller. As part of this practical course, we now want to find out how such SDN applications can be developed. In this course, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is SDN? What is OpenFlow? What options do these technologies offer?
  • How to realize networking tasks like routing, load balancing, monitoring, quality-of-service, or DoS protection with SDN?
  • How are SDN applications programmed?
  • How to test SDN applications?
  • How to measure / evaluate the performance of SDN applications?

As a first step, we will practically experiment with the different concepts and develop several (small) SDN applications. Then we will try to make use of these concepts in a slightly larger scope  (reverse engineering of an existing SDN application from the research environment + reproduction of the results).


  • Telematics Lecture (or similar event)
  • Knowledge in at least one programming language