Private Enterprise Numbers and OIDs within the university

  • What is a Private Enterprise Number OID? An Object Identifier (OID) is needed for defining your own SNMP or LDAP objects. An OID contais a Network Management Private Enterprise Code as prefix.
    This prefix starts with: ( Enterprises can apply at the IANA for an own number following this prefix for free. The IANA also provides the list of Enterprise Numbers already in use. (further information about OIDs.)
  • It is the IANA's policy to assign only one Private Enterprise Number per university to be used by all divisions, departments, and projects therein.
  • The Institute of Telematics was assigned number 87:
    87 Institute of Telematics, University of Karlsruhe
  • OIDs within the university can be requested by email to ldap<nospam> (please delete <nospam> ). Please name a contact person and an email address within your request.
  • Internal remark: the current table in the SVN-repository Institut/OID-Registry/OID-Registry-Data.txt should be kept up-to-date and also the following list.

So far we got the following assignments:

University of Karlsruhe has official OID
OID     Assignment   Organization's OID (University of Karlsruhe) Reserved (maybe University administration) RZ - Rechenzentrum (Computing Center)
                 2005-09-06, C: Ralf Wigand, ralf.wigand at Institute of Telematics (
                 2003-10-15, C: LDAP Admin, ldap at ATIS (Fakultaet fuer Informatik, ZeMM (Fakultaet fuer Informatik) ECON (Institut fuer Volkswirtschaftslehre, Fakultaet fuer Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
                 2004-04-29, C: Lars Wessels, wessels at
Suggested further sub structure*.1     SNMP Elements*.2     LDAP Elements*.2.1   AttributeTypes*.2.1.1 myAttribute*.2.2   ObjectClasses*.2.2.1 myObjectClass
Structure within   public (e.g., public LDAP directory information)   praktikum   flexinet   ZeuS (for MIB in sensor nodes, requested by Jochen Dinger 2008-10-31)

#   praktikum LDAP
#   praktikum LDAP Attribute Types
attributetype ( NAME 'fCert' SYNTAX )
attributetype ( NAME 'rCert' SYNTAX )

#   praktikum LDAP Object Classes
objectclass (
        NAME 'certificateUser'
        DESC 'Zertifikatsinhaber'
        SUP top AUXILIARY
        MUST ( objectClass $ fCert $ rCert ) )