DFG Research Training Group 1194: Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks

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    Jens Horneber

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GRK Logo englishSensor-actuator networks consist of a large number of possibly miniaturized nodes that are embedded in the environment, connected via wireless communications, and able to collaboratively observe and control a distributed phenomenon. A large number of nodes provides a good spatial resolution as well as a high fault tolerance. However, the energy constraints resulting from the required autonomy nodes impose severe performance limits with respect to communication bandwidth and processing power and, hence, provide a challenge for architectural design and operation of this type of networks.
Within the framework of this graduate school, the fundamental problems within the area of sensor-actor networks will be addressed. This includes the whole spectrum from communication and signal processing to hardware/software system integration. Our research activities aim to provide a unifying view to the closely coupled problem areas that have so far only been addressed in isolation. These research activities include the joint examination of query processing, content-based addressing, energy efficiency, and self-organizing middleware, which will be achieved by a close cooperation of experts from different disciplines. An integrated treatment and the development of a systematic approach to sensor-actor network design represent our key interests.