Systematic Evaluation Environment for Software-Defined Applications

About the project


Evaluation of SDN applications is a challenging task. In this one-year student research project, we try to ease the simulative evaluation of such applications, by facilitating the experiment setup and configuration. We do so by leveraging already existing projects and expanding and streamlining their functions to provide researchers with an easy to use tool for a meaningful evaluation. One central aspect is the creation of realistic scenarios and to make these easily reusable for other researchers to allow better reproducibility and comparability.


This project is integrated into "Lehre hoch Forschung", which is to improve the study conditions and the qualitiy of teaching, as well as the early integration of research topics into the bachelor- and master programme.

The objectives for the master programme in computer science are to establish and to coordinate the master module "Research Practice". In this module, each student works on a research project for one year and experiences all research phases of this project. From literature research to planning and writing a project proposal, including performing research in the scope of the project and writing a publication in order to publish their results. The programme is very successful so far: Since its start, a number of papers partially or fully covering the student research projects have been successfully published.

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