ReaSE: Realistic Simulation Environments for OMNeT++

Project Description

During development of new protocols and systems researchers in most cases use simulations for evaluation of their product, especially in the area of communication networks. The quality of the simulation environment, however, significantly influences the quality of a product's evaluation. Therefore, simulation environments as realistic as possible are necessary in order to get reliable results.

ReaSE is a tool developed for creation of such realistic environments for the discrete event simulator OMNeT++ in combination with the INET framework. It is based on current state of the art solutions and considers multiple aspects: 
   - topology generation, on AS-level as well as on router-level,
   - traffic patterns,
   - and attack traffic.

ReaSE-related Publications
Authors Title Date
Thomas Gamer, Christoph P. Mayer Mar 2009
Thomas Gamer, Michael Scharf Mar 2008