The SECCRIT (SEcure Cloud computing for CRitical infrastructure IT) project is a multidisciplinary research project with the mission to analyse and evaluate cloud computing technologies with respect to security risks in sensitive environments, and to develop methodologies, technologies, and best practices for creating a secure, trustworthy, and high assurance cloud computing environment for critical infrastructure IT. The project is classed as a small-to-medium sized collaborative EU-funded research project in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7-SEC-2012-1). The project consortium is comprised of ten partners from Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Spain and the UK. The project will last three years with a funding of 3.4 Mio EUR.

CloudInspector Reference Use License

This license governs use of the accompanying software. If you use the software, you accept this license. If you do not accept the license, do not use the software.

1. Definitions

"You" means the licensee of the software.

"Your company" means the company you worked for when you downloaded the software.

"Reference use" means use of the software within your company as a reference, for the sole purposes of testing this software, debugging your products, maintaining your products, or enhancing the interoperability of your products with the software, and specifically excludes the right to distribute this software in unmodified, modified or enhanced versions outside of your company, and also excludes the right for any commercial or military use of unmodified, modified or enhanced versions of this software without explicit consent by the Licensor.

"Licensed patents" means any Licensor patent claims which read directly on the software as distributed by the Licensor under this license.

2. Grant of License

Licensee guarantees, that he is a nonprofit research institution or an institution which grants degrees and is certified by state (or Licensee guarantees to use the Software in publicly funded projects only). Taking this in consideration KIT grants, and Licensee hereby accepts, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free and  revocable right to use the CloudInspector for reference use only and in accordance with the terms of this CloudInspector Reference Use Agreement.

3. Grant of Rights

(A) Copyright Grant- Subject to the terms of this license, the Licensor grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free copyright license to reproduce the software for reference use.

(B) Patent Grant- Subject to the terms of this license, the Licensor grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free patent license under licensed patents for reference use.

4. Limitations

(A) No Trademark License- This license does not grant you any rights to use the Licensor's name, logo, or trademarks.

(B) If you begin patent litigation against the Licensor over patents that you think may apply to the software (including a cross-claim or counterclaim in a lawsuit), your license to the software ends automatically.

(C) You shall not use the Software to write other software that duplicates the functionality of the Software.

(D) The software is licensed "as-is." You bear the risk of using it. The Licensor gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws which this license cannot change. To the extent permitted under your local laws, the Licensor excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

5. Ownership

The ownership of the Software is protected by the copyright law of the Federal Republic of Germany. KIT is the owner of all economic rights and copyright exploitations rights (so called "vermögensrechtliche Befugnisse", see German UrhG §69b) of the Software.  

6. Jurisdiction and applicable law

Any disputes arising from or in connection with this CloudInspector Reference Use Agreement, which cannot be solved amicably, shall be referred to the court located at the seat of KIT. The applicable law shall be that of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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