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HiWi-Stelle: SDN Programming for SENDATE

HiWi-Stelle: SDN Programming for SENDATE
Typ:Studentische/Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft

Robert Bauer


SENDATE (Secure Networking for a Data Center Cloud in Europe, www.sendate.eu) is a research project with 42 partners from 4 different countries (Germany, France, Finland, and Sweden). These partners work on innovative approaches for a secure, flexible, and locality-aware distributed data center that can support upcoming application scenarios. One part in this research is the development of a flexible control-plane using Software Defined Networking (SDN). In this context, KIT works on various flexibility and scalability challenges, including the well known problem of flow table limitations. Because the size of the flow table significantly affects the performance of software-based networks, we developed a delegation-based approach that allows it to “borrow” additional capacity from a neighboring switch on-demand (Port Based Capacity Extensions, PBCE). This way, our solution can cope with temporary flow table bottleneck in a very flexible manner.


Similar to our own work, partners from the University of Wuerzburg have developed a transparent proxy-layer for the OpenFlow control channel. The TableVisor framework enables an abstraction of multiple data plane devices into one emulated data plane switch. It registers with the SDN controller as a single switch with use-case specific capabilities and translates instructions and rules from control applications towards the appropriate data plane device where they are executed. The advertised position will focus on the following key tasks:

  • Training phase to get familiar with PBCE, TableVisor and similar approaches
  • Integration of PBCE into TableVisor or combination of the two approaches in another way
  • Development of a scenario that demonstrates the benefits from both architectures (PBCE, TableVisor)

Work Environment

The SENDATE project provides powerful remote servers (Intel R Xeon R E5-2687W, 32.0 GiB RAM) in-
terconnected via multiple 10 GBit/s interfaces. The Telematics infrastructure provides additional PCs and servers, if required. 24/7 access to our pool/infrastructure (Kaiserstr. 40) is available.


Good programming knowledge is required (Java and Python). Some background knowledge in the area of communication networks is advantageous. Special knowledge on SDN is not required.