Design of a Secure Distributed Service Directory for Wireless Sensornetworks
Autor: H. Hof, E. Blaß, T. Fuhrmann, M. Zitterbart Links:
Quelle: First European Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks, Berlin, Germany, Januar 2004
Sensor networks consist of a potentially huge number of very small and resource limited self-organizing devices. This paper presents the design of a general distributed service directory architecture for sensor networks which especially focuses on the security issues in sensor networks. It ensures secure construction and maintenance of the underlying storage structure, a Content Addressable Network. It also considers integrity of the distributed service directory and secures communication between service provider and inquirer using self-certifying path names. Key area of application of this architecture are gradually extendable sensor networks where sensors and actuators jointly perform various user defined tasks, e.g., in the field of an office environment.