Autonomous optimization of Next Generation Networks
Autor: U. Walter Links:
Quelle: 2nd International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems (IWSOS 2007), 11.-13.09.07, English Lake District, UK, September 2007
For an efficient usage of the transmission capacity of a QoS-supporting Next Generation Network, it is beneficial to influence the routing of traffic flows by the optimization of link metrics. Deploying a Network Admission Control at the network border helps to comply with assured service guarantees as it can effectively protect against overload situations, especially in times of varying traffic matrices or failures. Since the manual adaptation of link metrics and NAC budgets is neither quick nor efficient, it makes sense to integrate these optimization algorithms into a self-configuration tool, which is able to autonomously keep the network in the best possible operational condition. This paper presents a management system that re-optimizes link metrics and NAC budgets when necessary. Different scenarios show the benefits of this approach for an increased network resilience and efficient operation.