A Node Architecture for 1000 Future Networks
Autor: L. Völker, D. Martin, C. Werle, M. Zitterbart, I. Khayat Links:
Quelle: Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Network of the Future 2009, Dresden, Germany, Juni 2009
One possible key technology for the Future Internet is network virtualization. It allows to run numerous virtual networks in parallel, each of which can be adapted towards different requirements, intended use, or applications used. When consequently using network virtualization, it allows not only to have very specialized networks but also allows to run new protocols and services in different networks. This can give opportunities for rapid service deployment, especially for services based on new protocols. Currently a lot of research is concerned with network virtualization or related aspects like management or signaling of network virtualization. This paper however is different, since it looks on network virtualization from another angle. We describe our Node Architecture for the Future Internet, which uses network virtualization as a fundamental concept. It has the goal to give users access to a vast number of virtual networks and exploit the possibilities of network virtualization.