Modular P2P Multicast in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (Demo)
Autor: P. Baumung, D. Martin, T. Schlager Links:
Quelle: The 5th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), Puerto Rico, USA, Juni 2007
Today's world more and more comprises WLAN capable devices. These can be used to set up so-called ad-hoc networks which enable multi-hop communication with no explicitly required fixed infrastructure. In this context numerous applications in military, educational, touristic or gaming scenarios arise: Wireless and distributed voice-over-IP, slideshow and chat applications as well as multiplayer games can become highly attractive as, by use of ad-hoc networks, they can be provided wherever WLAN devices gather. We in this demonstration show fully operational implementations of these applications, which run on a set of Windows and Linux notebooks forming a small ad-hoc network.