Network Virtualization - An Enabler for Overcoming Ossification
Autor: C. Werle, M. Kind, O. Maennel, G. Schaffrath, A. Feldmann Links:
Quelle: In: Ercim News, No. 77, ISSN 0926-4981, pp. 21-22, April 2009
While the Internet is currently viewed as widely successful for some of its participants, namely the users and service providers such as Google, it also suffers from ossification in the underlying infrastructure. The ossification has multiple causes, among them the fact that since the Internet works quite well as it is, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have no incentive to change their ways. Moreover, ISPs suffer from a lack of business perspective due to the predominant charging modi for Internet access: flat rates for users and a combined price model consisting of a base rate and usage-based component for content providers. An additional complication is that traffic grows at a higher rate than that at which the network equipment costs decrease.