A Hierarchical Node Management System for Application-tailored Network Protocols and Architectures
Autor: H. Wippel, T. Gamer, D. Martin Links:
Quelle: 5th GI/ITG KuVS Workshop on Future Internet, Stuttgart, Germany, Juni 2010
In many Future Internet visions, a node is assumed to be connected to a multitude of possibly virtualized networks, each being optimized for a specific application. Within such a network, application-tailored network architectures and protocols provide communication services between the nodes. In order to handle such a number of different architectures and protocols, new management paradigms need to be considered, allowing for a flexible and extensible Future Internet. In this work, we therefore propose a management model for the Future Internet that provides flexibility and extensibility regarding node management while mastering complexity by a hierarchical management structure that allows for information aggregation and task delegation.