Hierarchical Node Management in the Future Internet
Autor: H. Wippel, T. Gamer, C. Faller, M. Zitterbart Links:
Quelle: Proc. of 4th International Workshop on the Network of the Future (FutureNet) in conjunction with IEEE ICC, Kyoto, Japan, Juni 2011
In many Future Internet visions, a node is assumed to be connected to a multitude of possibly virtualized networks, each being optimized for a specific application. Within such a network, application-tailored network architectures and protocols provide communication services between nodes. In order to handle such a large number of different architectures and protocols, new management paradigms need to be considered, allowing for a flexible, extensible, and manageable Future Internet. In this paper, we propose a node management for such a Future Internet which masters its complexity by using a hierarchical management structure. The proposed hierarchical node management, amongst other features, autonomously adapts protocols to varying network conditions, manages resources across protocols in different network architectures and incorporates user policies into management decisions.