Building Virtual Networks Across Multiple Domains
Autor: C. Werle, R. Bless, P. Papadimitriou, W. Louati, I. Houidi, D. Zeghlache, L. Mathy Links:
Quelle: ACM SIGCOMM, Toronto, Kanada, August 2011
This paper presents a platform for virtual network (VN) provisioning across multiple domains. The platform decom- poses VN provisioning into multiple steps to address the implications of limited information disclosure on resource discovery and allocation. A new VN embedding algorithm with simultaneous node and link mapping allows to assign resources within each domain. For inter-domain virtual link setup, we design and realize a signaling protocol that also in- tegrates resource reservations for providing virtual links with Quality-of-Service guarantees. Experimental results show that small VNs can be provisioned within a few seconds.