Smart Meter Speed Dating, short-term relationships for improved privacy in Smart Metering
Autor: S. Finster Links:
Quelle: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), pp. 426-431, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Oktober 2013
Smart Metering is one of the most important services within the Smart Grid. But by threatening the privacy of customers, its introduction poses also one of the most discussed challenges of the Smart grid. To overcome this challenge, privacy-aware Smart Metering protocols are necessary. But the limited capabilities of the Smart Metering infrastructure has to be taken into account when specifying Smart Metering protocols. In this paper, we propose Smart Meter Speed Dating (SMSD), a privacy-aware Smart Metering protocol with very low requirements and complexity. It uses rapidly changing pairings of peers to remove privacy relevant information from meter readings. We describe SMSD and provide an evaluation and anlyzation of provided privacy which shows its applicability as a privacy-aware Smart Metering protocol.