SMART-ER: peer-based privacy for smart metering
Autor: S. Finster, I. Baumgart Links:
Quelle: IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Communications and Control for Smart Energy Systems, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mai 2014
Smart metering is an essential part of the future smart grid but causes privacy issues by collecting sensitive data from households with a high temporal resolution. Peer-based privacy mechanisms can solve this problem through privacy-aware aggregation. The SMART algorithm, originally proposed for wireless sensor networks, is a lightweight approach to this problem. In this paper, we propose to adapt the ideas of SMART for privacy-aware smart metering. However, our simulation results show, that accuracy suffers in the presence of communication errors especially in large networks. Therefore, we designed SMART-ER, an improved version of SMART. It utilizes dependency tracking and grouping to provide exact and robust smart metering even in the presence of communication errors. We show, that SMART-ER provides significantly more accurate results in typical churn scenarios.