Protocols for Privacy-Aware Smart Metering
Autor: S. Finster Links:
Quelle: Workshop on Middleware for a Smarter Use of Electric Energy (MidSEE 2015), Cottbus, Deutschland, März 2015
Smart Metering is an important service within the Smart Grid. Widely deployed smart energy meters provide valuable information for electricity providers, network operators and customers. But the introduction of Smart Metering is complicated or even halted due to customers privacy concerns. The collected data provides deep insight into the most intimate details of the observed customers life. To overcome this problem, classical and generic approaches like anonymization or pseudonymization are not sufficient. Specialized protocols for privacy-aware Smart Metering are necessary. In this talk, I will talk about the challenges in privacy-aware Smart Metering, existing approaches to the problem and our experiences in developing and implementing privacy-aware Smart Metering protocols.