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CloudInspector: A Transparency-as-a-Service Solution for Legal Issues in Cloud Computing
Autor: M. Flittner, S. Balaban, R. Bless Links:
Quelle: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering Workshops, Berlin, Germany, April 2016
Given the omnipresent role of information technology in today’s society, interdisciplinary approaches to system design become increasingly indispensable. Unilateral assessments coming from one discipline are creating the risk that important issues are overlooked. Current cloud security is hard to assess, because virtualization technology also implies losing control and transparency over data and processes running in the cloud. This lack of transparency is undermining the tenants’ trust in cloud-based systems. Techno-legal solutions are thus necessary in order to avoid that developed technologies lack essential compliance requirements. In this techno-legal article, we highlight the necessity of providing more transparency for tenants of cloud systems and present CloudInspector as a solution in this direction