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gAUDIT: A Group Communication-capable Request-Response Middleware for Auditing Clouds
Autor: M. Flittner, A. Weigel, M. Zitterbart Links:
Quelle: Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys 2017), Germany, März 2017
In this paper, we present gAUDIT, a novel group communication middleware for auditing in request-response manner. With gAUDIT, an auditor is able to implement reliable request-response communication for a group of respondents. But, relying on transport layer retransmission only will not guarantee the delivery of responses, e.g. if respondent applications are allowed to operate unreliable, application layer retransmissions are unavoidable. Additionally, a request-response capable group communication middleware must be able to handle changes in the composition of the group of respondents during an ongoing request-response transaction. gAUDIT is based on application layer retransmission and handling of group members during an ongoing request-response transaction. In this paper we describe the gAUDIT design and use cases. Furthermore, we present a prototypical implementation and evaluation results.