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Tablevisor 2.0: Towards full-featured, scalable and hardware-independent multi table processing
Autor: S. Geißler, S. Herrnleben, R. Bauer Links:
Quelle: 2017 IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft), Bologna, Italy, August 2017
Abstract: Modern Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications rely on sophisticated packet processing. However, there is a mismatch between control plane requirements and data plane capabilities caused by increasing hardware heterogeneity. To overcome this challenge, we propose TableVisor, a proxy-layer for the OpenFlow control channel that enables the flexible and scalable abstraction of multiple physical devices into one emulated data plane switch that meets the requirements of the control plane application. TableVisor registers with the SDN controller as a single switch with use-case specific capabilities. It translates the instructions and rules from the control application towards the appropriate physical device where they are executed. In this paper, we present the updated architecture and functionality of TableVisor as well as first evaluation results based on testbed experiments.