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Quality-of-Service Signaling for Next Generation IP-based Mobile Networks
Autor: R. Bless, M. Zitterbart, C. Prehofer, J. Hillebrand Links:
Quelle: In: IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 42, No. 6, pp. 72-79, Juni 2004
We present a novel end-to-end QoS architecture that enables seamless services over heterogeneous wireless access networks. We discuss the main architectural approaches and design issues of mobility-aware QoS signaling in IP networks. Then we introduce a QoS signaling architecture that integrates resource management with mobility management. It is based on a domain resource manager concept and nicely supports various handover types in an integrated approach. In particular, we support anticipated handover with pre-reservation of resources over the old network before the mobile node is attached to the new access point.