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TCP LoLa: Congestion Control for Low Latencies and High Throughput
Author: M. Hock, F. Neumeister, M. Zitterbart, R. Bless links:
Source: Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2017 IEEE 42nd Conference on, pp. 215-218, Singapore, Singapore, October 2017
TCP LoLa is a new delay-based congestion control that supports both, low queuing delay and high network utilization in high speed wide-area networks. This is particularly useful for traffic mixes consisting of bandwidth demanding and delay sensitive flows (e.g., long file transfer and interactive "web 2.0" traffic). TCP LoLa keeps the queuing delay at the bottleneck link low around a fixed target threshold value. This target value is independent from the number of flows sharing the bottleneck. TCP LoLa achieves high link utilization and attains convergence to fairness even among flows with different round-trip times, due to its novel mechanism called "fair flow balancing".