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Secure Software-based Networks

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    Secure Software-based Networks

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    Prof. Dr. habil. Martina Zitterbart

Job description

Your research will focus on cross-domain attack detection and mitigation for identity management systems in the context of the BMBF project KIWI. You will apply federated machine learning methods to the field of network security and develop semi-autonomous defense mechanisms for highly flexible virtualized networks. You will investigate authentic use-cases in collaboration with partners from industry and research.


Personal qualification

We provide an excellent research infrastructure with high performance servers, software-defined networks as well as extensive, flexible and powerful testbeds. We expect a very good diploma degree or M.Sc. in computer science or a related discipline, high self-motivation, willingness to work in a team, programming skills, good skills in English and German. You can improve your soft-skills regarding project management, presentation techniques, personnel management.



We offer a full-time, fully paid research position according to TV-L E13.