Evaluating a Framework for Different Networking Paradigms (TR)
Autor: D. Martin, H. Wippel Links:
Quelle: Technical Report TM-2013-2, Institute of Telematics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Juli 2013
While we can observe a fast evolution and innovation of link-layer technologies and networked applications, the core Internet architecture with TCP/IP remains rigid. New protocols and networking paradigms such as content-centric networking exist but suffer from global deployment issues, acceptance, and use by application developers. In order to address these problems, we previously proposed NENA, a framework that aims at a better decoupling of applications and networks. In this paper, we evaluate the framework's concepts and interfaces to determine the minimum set of invariants needed to operate protocol families that differ in their basic abstractions and paradigms. As a basis, we used adaptations of prominent protocols, both existing and new approaches: TCP, CCNx, BitTorrent, the Bundle-DTN protocol, an MQTT message broker, and the extensible IP-replacement XIA. We demonstrated that it is possible to realize a framework for multiple diverse protocols and paradigms while introducing only a small set of invariants.