Exam Registration

  1. Registration in the Bachelor and Master degree program is AFTER online registration at the secretariat Prof. Zitterbart in person, by phone (+49 721 608-4 6409) or by e-mail (lehre∂tm.kit.edu). Attention please, SPAM-observer is active, better contact secretary directly in her office.

    We need the following information for registration:
    1. Online registration

    2. Preferred date (possible appointments)

    3. Name

    4. Student number

    5. Examination subjects

    6. Degree course

    7. Examination regulation


    1. Online registration successful

    2. Preferred date: DD/MM/YY

    3. Family name, first name

    4. Student number 1234567

    5. Examination subjects MobiCom, IoE

    6. Master computer science

    7. Examination regulation 2015

  2. A resignation must be made no later than 3 working days before the exam. Otherwise, the exam is considered failed. If no medical certificate was submitted according to examination regulations, must be between the canceled and the new exam date at least 6 weeks.

  3. We will inform you in writing of the time of your exam 3 working days before the exam date.

  4. Please bring your student card and your ID card to the exam.

  5. Bitte befolgen Sie die Prüfungsrichtlinien und das Modulhandbuch, die für Ihren Studiengang gültig sind.