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Internet: Technology & Values

Internet: Technology & Values

The interdisciplinary seminar series "Internet: Technology & Values" focuses on the area of tension between individuals, corporations, and governance agents in an Internet-based world. Of particular interest are the existing conflicts of values inherent in such a world. It is equally important to consider aspects that are relevant to research areas of computer science, social sciences as well as economic factors.

The increasing interconnectedness of goods and everyday items has an ever growing impact on a wide range of all areas of life: the digital and physical world become ever-more interwoven. Networked systems will open up new possibilities, but at the same time impose new limitations and restrictions. Affected values may for instance involve personal rights, personal privacy, freedom of expression, and participation opportunities. Conflicts of values between state, individual, and private sector will emerge and should/must possibly be addressed during planning and implementation of new technologies. The focus of the seminar should therefor not only be on the question of what a future Internet might look like, but also on which values its design should be based and how these values can be fulfilled and sustained.

The dialogue covers current topics such as the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything, privacy protection, cloud computing, etc.

The event series is oriented towards interdisciplinarity, with the aim of providing a forum for the exchange of current problems as well as fundamental questions in the area of tension between technology and values on the Internet.