Research group Prof. Zitterbart - Institute of Telematics

Dates of Examination

The information provided bellow refers only to available dates for oral examinations at the professorship of Prof. Zitterbart.

All oral exams take place in compliance with the required protective and hygienic measures.

The dates of written examinations in Introduction to Computer Networks and Telematics can be found on the website of the department of informatics.


Registration for oral examination

Request the secretary’s office of Prof. Zitterbart at Ms. Natzberg.

All information which is needed for a successful exam registration can be found on the information page for exam registrations.

Please consider the examination regulations and information for your course of study.

Up to 3 weeks before examination, fully booked dates will be updated on this website in case of released time slots

Examination Dates Zitterbart

Internet of Everything

July 2020 Monday, 06.07.
Tuesday, 14.07.
Friday, 24.07.
Monday, 27.07.
August 2020 Montag, 24.08.
September 2020 Monday, 07.09.
October Monday 26.10.


Netzsicherheit (Bless / Zitterbart)

July 2020 Monday 27.7.2020
September 2020

Monday 7.9.2020
Tuesday 15.9.2020
Thursday 17.9.2020
Monday 28.9.2020

October Monday 19.10.2020
November Monday 2.11.2020

Examination Dates Bless

Next Generation Internet, Multimediakommunikation

August 2020 Tuesday 04.08.
Wednesday 06.08.
Tuesday 11.08.
September 2020 Tuesday 15.09.
Wednesday 17.09.
Oktober 2020

Tuesday 13.10.
Wednesday 15.10.
Tuesday 20.10.
Wednesday 22.10.
Tuesday 27.10.
Wednesday 29.10.

November 2020 Tuesday 03.11.
Wednesday 10.11.

In case of combination of Zitterbart/Bless only dates of Zitterbart are applicable.

Examination Dates Waldhorst


July 2020 Montag, 13.07.
August 2020 Montag, 10.08.

Prof. Waldhorst is an external lecturer - therefore examination dates are offered irregularly. 

In case of combination of Zitterbart/Waldhorst only dates of Zitterbart are applicable.