Research group Prof. Zitterbart - Institute of Telematics

Teaching in times of Corona

We strive to maintain our range of courses even in times of contact restrictions. 

If desired or necessary, we will again offer oral exams (see available exam dates).
All oral examinations take place in attendance while observing the necessary protective and hygiene measures. For more information, please contact lehre∂

All interactive events (exams, seminars, internships, theses) require internet access, a camera and a microphone until further notice.


In the Winter semester our lectures will again take place as online courses. We will again offer a combination of video recordings, live streams and other online teaching formats and place particular emphasis on interactive formats.

Seminars and labs

The seminar Hot Topics in Networking and the lab software-defined networks are carried out as an online event, as is the support in the context of PSE.

The seminar "Internet und Gesellschaft" is not offered this semester.


Our offer of theses remains unchanged, the supervision will take place online as well.

Consultation hours

Consultation hours will be offered online. The duration of each appointment is limited to at most 15 minutes per person. To make an appointment, please contact our secretariat (lehre∂