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Registration for Lab Courses Winter Term 2023/2024

In the winter term 2023/2024 we will offer new labs again. The labs will take place in presence.


Basispraktikum: Protocol Engineering (BA, 4 ECTS)

Praktikum: Protocol Engineering (MA, 4 ECTS)

Praktikum: Praxis der Telematik (MA, 3 ECTS)


Details on the registration deadline and participation as well as the option to register can be found on the websites of the labs. The introductory meetings take place in the first week of lectures.

Seminar Hot Topics in Networking (WS2023/24)

The seminar discusses recent research progress in networking across different topics and is fully held in English (written and slides presentation). The seminar will be held in-person (physical presence). More...
Registration for the seminar is open until October 16th, 23.55h

Link to inscribe: https://portal.wiwi.kit.edu/ys/7523


News about Research and Teaching

Niagara Falls
Accepted Paper at CNSM 2023

We are presenting our paper "Scalable and Efficient Link Layer Topology Discovery for Autonomic Networks" at the 19th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM) in Niagara Falls, Canada in early November.

SIGCOMM 2023 KIRA 5G DemoRoland Bless / KIT
Demonstrator at SIGCOMM 2023

At the ACM SIGCOMM 2023 conference, that took place this year in New York City from September 10th–14th, Paul Seehofer, Hendrik Mahrt, and Roland Bless presented a demonstrator titled "Enabling Autonomic Network Infrastructures with KIRA."

Daytona Beach LCN2023CC
Accepted Paper auf LCN2023

Wir stellen im Oktober unseren Beitrag "QUIC(k) Enough in the Long Run? Sustained Throughput Performance of QUIC Implementations" auf der IEEE 48th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN) in Daytona Beach (USA) vor.

KuVS Beste BA
KuVS Award - Beste Bacherlorarbeit 2022

Im Rahmen der International Conference on Networked Systems 2023 wurde
Timon Krack der KuVS Award für die beste Bachelorarbeit im Jahr 2022 verliehen,
die den Titel "Integration of Heavy Hitter Algorithms into Software Defined Networks
to Mitigate DDoS Attacks" trägt.


Am 04. September haben wir zwei Beiträge beim 2nd Workshop on Machine Learning & Netwoking (MaLeNe) vorgestellt zu den Themen "Reducing Memory Footprints in Purity Estimations of Volumetric DDoS Traffic Aggregates" und "Impact of Adaptive Packet Sampling on ML-based DDoS Detection".

Demonstrator 6G Conference

Our group demonstrated how current 5G core software can run in a more automated way at the 6G Conference in Berlin. The proof-of-concept demonstrator titled "Toward Autonomic 6G Infrastructures with KIRA" showed Open5GS core software running on top of KIRA that provides autonomic IPv6 connectivity between all core nodes. The 5G functions register themselves and can be found by other functions so that no manual configuration is required and the system can automatically adapt to dynamic changes. The future 6G core should offer better support than current 5G core.

Network of the Future

Wir stellen drei Beiträge auf der 14th International Conference on Network of the Future zu
den Themen "Effiziente Detektion verteilter Netzangriffe" vor.

GI Logo
Sicherheit trotz KI

Wie haben einen Beitrag zum Thema "Toward Joining DDoS Mitigation and Image Segmentation" auf dem Workshop "Sicherheit trotz KI" vorgestellt, der in der Springer Zeitschrift "Datenschutz und Datensicherheit" veröffentlicht wurde.

Tag der offenen Tür
tag der offenen tür

Unsere Gruppe demonstrierte am Tag der offenen Tür des KIT 2023 einen bildbasierten
Mitigationsmechanismus gegen volumetrische Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Angriffe.

EP Device
Best Paper Award for Energy Packet Project

The Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI), the Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI) and the Institute of Telematics could demonstrate first hardware experiments for the vision of a novel packet-based power grid. The development of new hardware and software enabled the first transfer of energy packets in a prototypical lab setting. At the conference Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG) in 2022, the group was granted a best paper award for the corresponding publication.



6G-ANNA Logo
6G-ANNA Project start

The Institute of Telematics is involved in the flagship project 6G-ANNA (6G-Access, Network of Networks, Automation & Simplification), which is funded by the BMBF and is intended to contribute to research into holistic systems and technologies for 6th generation mobile communications as part of the 6G industry projects. A total of 30 partners from industry and research are involved in the project. The project will run from July 2022 to June 2025. In the area of Automation & Simplification, our research group is investigating mechanisms for discovering and integrating network, cloud, and computing resources in the context of autonomous network management and control.

Symbolbild Netz
Open6GHub - Project to develop future 6G technology

Institute for Telematics Shapes Key Technology 6G

Together with other KIT institutes, the Institute of Telematics is part of the Open6GHub project, which is funded by the BMBF with 66.8 million Euros over four years. The project focuses on application areas with very high demands on the quality and security of communication technology, including highly networked production, future mobility scenarios, new learning worlds, personalized medicine, and, above all, human interaction with a large number of autonomous vehicles and devices. The focus is on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency of communication networks and the support of mobile AI-based services. Further aspects are the resilience of communication networks against internal and external disturbances (network resilience), the protection of private data as well as the automated support of changing network topologies. In the context of programmable network infrastructures, the Institute for Telematics contributes to scalable, adaptive, and highly dynamic connectivity of the 6G core network.

Further information: Press release BMBF on 6G research hubs


Telematics Summerday 2023

On July 5, 2023, the Telematics Summerday took place, to which students were cordially invited. They were able to get tips on exam preparation in short lectures, gain insights into the standardization of the Internet, find out about PhD opportunities at KIT, and also give feedback on courses at the institute in a feedback round. In addition, there were posters and demonstrators presenting the current research work of the institute. Besides exciting discussions and interested questions, the physical well-being was also catered for with drinks and grilled snacks. Students gave quite positive feedback on the TM Summerday.

Impressionen vom Vortrag
4th ForDigital Blockchain Workshop

Mit einem Programm ähnlich zu den vorherigen drei Workshops fand am 02.
und 03.03.2020 der 4th ForDigital Blockchain Workshop am KIT in
Karlsruhe statt. Ein Schwerpunkt des Workshops lag auf Anwendungsfällen
von Blockchain-Technologie in lokalen Energiemärkten, was den Austausch
zwischen verschiedenen Wissenschaftsdisziplinen förderte.

Nähere Informationen
3rd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop
3rd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop

Anknüpfend an den Erfolg der Vorjahre, fand der 3rd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop am 14. und 15.02.2019 am KIT statt. Mit erneut über 30 aktiven Blockchain-Forschern und -Praktikern aus Deutschland und Europa bot der Workshop eine Plattform für tiefgehende Diskussionen und Vernetzung. Das Team von Prof. Zitterbart war maßgeblich an der Organisation und Durchführung beteiligt.

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2nd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop
2nd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop

Am 1. und 2.02.2018 fand in Karlsruhe der 2nd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop statt. Das Team von Prof. Zitterbart war maßgeblich an der Organisation und Durchführung beteiligt. Mit über 30 aktiven Blockchain-Forschern und -Praktikern aus Deutschland und Europa bot der Workshop eine Plattform für tiefgehende Diskussionen und Vernetzung.

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1. KuVS discussion "Network Softwareization" - From Research to Application

From October 12 to 13, 2017, the first KuVS discussion "Network Softwareization" took place at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, which was organized by Michael Menth (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen) and Martina Zitterbart (KIT).

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