Sensor Actuator Network Development Testbed (SANDbed) was finally launched in its first expansion stage!

  • Author:

    Anton Hergenröder

  • Date: 23.12.2010
  • Up to now there are 20 SANDbed nodes deployed at the facilities of the Institute of Telematics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
    Currently there are several test experiments for topolgy detection running in SANDbed.

    In principle the testbed is available for remote access by research institutions,
    so it will be used for upcoming evaluations of sensor network applications.

    So stay tuned for more information at the beginning of the year 2011.
    In particular the SANDbed homepage (link) will be updated to provide SANDbed status and documentation.

    For more information on using SANDbed and SANDbed development, please contact Anton Hergenröder.