Considering Network Heterogeneity in Global Application Layer Multicast Provision
Author: C. Hübsch links:
Source: EuroView, Würzburg, Germany, July 2008
As an alternative approach to the non-yet widely available IP Multicast, Application Layer Multicast (ALM) has recently become subject of intense research. Running on top of existing transport layers, most proposed ALM protocols assume homogeneous underlays, not taking into account the continuing availability of more and more different access technologies like e. g., DSL, cell-based mobile networks and (wireless) local area networks. Also, techniques not yet available globally (quality of service support, IP Multicast, ...) may be employed in parts of the Internet by certain ISPs. We present an approach that enhances a specific ALM protocol by considering several factors concerning attributes of member nodes' underlay specifications as well as their capacities and properties, configurable through the employed application that uses the protocol for data dissemination. The ALM protocol is part of the Future Internetarchitecture SpoVNet.