Designing and Running Concurrent Future Networks (Poster+Demo)
Author: D. Martin, H. Backhaus, L. Völker, H. Wippel, P. Baumung, B. Behringer, M. Zitterbart links:
Source: The 34th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2009), Zurich, Switzerland, October 2009
In the future, many new services can be expected to be running on a multitude of devices and networks with diverse requirements. For example, in sensor-actuator networks energy awareness is important; in car-2-car communication one possible goal is reliable low delay data dissemination of critical traffic events; and in inter-planetary networks delay-tolerant delivery of data is one of the main issues. In the proposed demo, we will show how our concepts support the rapid development of application-tailored communication protocols for such network architectures and their easy deployment within a run-time environment. This way, the development of innovative services is no longer limited to the application, but can also easily happen further down the protocol stack. The key features presented in our demo include: (1) rapid creation of composed protocols using a graphical design tool; (2) reuse of existing protocol building blocks; (3) automatically selecting an appropriate Netlet based on application requirements at end nodes.