A Wireless Sensor Network for Border Surveillance
Author: C. Haas, D. Dudek, A. Kuntz, M. Zitterbart, D. Krüger, P. Rothenpieler, D. Pfisterer, S. Fischer links:
Source: ACM Sensys, pp. 303-305, Berkeley, California, USA, November 2009
We will demonstrate a wireless sensor network system for the surveillance of critical areas and properties -- e.g. borders. The system consists of up to 10 sensor nodes that monitor a small border area. The protocols we show focus on detecting trespassers across a predefined area and reporting the detection to a gateway node securely. There, the trespasser's path will be graphically diplayed on a border map. The demonstration features secure protocols for the detection of trespassers, node failure and network partitioning, along with a duty cycle protocol to ensure network longevity. All information pertaining to relevant events in the network or border area will be graphically displayed on a gateway computer.