dCBR: A Global View on Network Coordinates for More Efficient Peer-to-Peer Systems
Author: B. Heep links:
Source: Proceedings of the 2010 Second International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN 2010), pp. 372-377, Jeju Island, South Korea, June 2010
Minimizing routing latencies in structured peer-topeer systems that provide the key-based routing service (KBR) is an important field of research as many novel applications are based on these systems. These applications and their users would benefit from faster overlay routing procedures. In this paper we present decentralized Coordinate-based Routing (dCBR), a method to achieve low routing latencies in structured peer-to-peer systems by exploiting decentralized network coordinates like Vivaldi and KBR monitoring systems. A global view on network coordinates is distributed among all participating overlay nodes and utilized to generate either topology-based and uniform distributed node identifiers for overlay nodes. This way, a better routing performance is achieved and load-balancing is maintained. dCBR is the successor of the previously proposed Coordinate-based Routing (CBR) system, which---combined with Proximity Neighbor Selection (PNS)---significantly decreases routing latencies, due to the fact that it allows for target-oriented routing. dCBR enables the usage of decentralized network coordinate systems in a CBRbased network, making the overlay independent of a landmark node infrastructure.