Prototype Implementations
Author: D. Martin, M. Zitterbart links:
Source: In: L. Correia, H. Abramowicz, M. Johnsson, K. Wünstel, Architecture and Design for the Future Internet, Chp. 12, Springer, ISBN 978-90-481-9345-5, pp. 245-277, 2011
An overview of the developed prototypes from which some are also publicly available from the 4WARD project web site is given. The prototype implementations of the architecture framework concepts are presented, showing the application and interactions of those concepts to other architectures described in the book: the virtualization architecture, and the In-Network-Management architecture. Since network virtualization also needs verification at a larger scale, parts of the concepts have been developed for a large virtualization testbed, which is also presented. The Generic Path concept for routing, forwarding and transport, and the Network of Information prototypes are described. In addition, their combination is outlined which shows that they nicely complement each other. Last, but not least, an integrated prototype showing the combination of Generic Path and In-Network Management concepts is shown, giving special focus on QoS aspects.