Smart Metering using Application-Tailored Networks
Author: H. Wippel, S. Finster links:
Source: ACM e-Energy 2013, Berkeley, California, USA, May 2013
Smart Metering is one of the key components of upcoming Smart Grids. As with every new technology, there is no consensus on how it should be done and what dangers lie in its widespread application. Besides organization and management of data transfers and storage, the privacy of customers is also a major concern. A multitude of solutions exists, each covering specific requirements or use cases. We believe there is no single, generic solution that satisfies all requirements for all involved parties. Therefore, we see a necessity for a framework that provides flexibility in the choice of solutions and stability in deployment and design. We propose an architecture that enables stakeholders of the energy market to use application-tailored networks and protocols in order to solve their specific problems.