Integriertes Management virtueller Netze mit QoS-Unterstützung

  • Description

    Network virtualization can be considered a promising abstraction technique, not only to optimize the utilization of network resources, but also to design and actually bring out completely novel network architectures and protocols. The Next Steps in Signaling (NSIS) framework of the IETF can be used to dynamically instantiate and manage such virtual networks by means of its up-to-date Internet protocol suite.


    The main goal of this Diploma/Master thesis is a conceptual elaboration of the NSIS framework with regard to network virtualization support. The analysis and design of an extension of the NSIS framework should then be integrated into the existing NSIS-ka implementation of the Institute of Telematics and later be evaluated in a German-wide testbed of the G-Lab platform.


    In order to start soon, some programing knowledge in C++ is of big advantage.


    Linux, C++