Research group Prof. Zitterbart - Institute of Telematics

Skalierbares ID-basiertes Routing

  • chair:Routing, Software-Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization
  • type:Master/Bachelor
  • time:ab sofort
  • advisor:

     Dr. Roland Bless

Master thesis Scalable Routing


Due to their overhead, classical routing protocols only work in networks up to a certain size (e.g. a few hundred routers or networks). Future network infrastructures, however, will also contain many virtual components, so that scalability requirements of several 10000 to 100000 nodes exist here. A corresponding method has been developed at the institute, which, however, is to be further investigated, extended and improved.


Within the scope of the thesis (Master or Bachelor), aspects of dynamic routing after failure of nodes and links can be investigated. For this purpose, different strategies for the discovery of alternative paths in the network are to be investigated, as well as fast-reroute strategies for the fast reaction to failures. Furthermore, we currently do not support weighted edges. Further conceptual extensions like support for multi-path routing and multicast are also possible. Accordingly, for bachelor theses only parts of the previously mentioned aspects are investigated. An implementation of the routing protocol is already implemented in an OMNeT++-based simulator and would have to be extended accordingly. Using the simulator, investigations of scalability and overhead, stability, robustness, etc. can be carried out relatively easily.