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Open6GHub - Project to develop future 6G technology

Institute for Telematics Shapes Key Technology 6G

Together with other KIT institutes, the Institute of Telematics is part of the Open6GHub project, which is funded by the BMBF with 66.8 million Euros over four years. The project focuses on application areas with very high demands on the quality and security of communication technology, including highly networked production, future mobility scenarios, new learning worlds, personalized medicine, and, above all, human interaction with a large number of autonomous vehicles and devices. The focus is on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency of communication networks and the support of mobile AI-based services. Further aspects are the resilience of communication networks against internal and external disturbances (network resilience), the protection of private data as well as the automated support of changing network topologies. In the context of programmable network infrastructures, the Institute for Telematics contributes to scalable, adaptive, and highly dynamic connectivity of the 6G core network.

Further information: Press release BMBF on 6G research hubs

Der privatsphärenwahrende Eye-Tracking Demonstrator PrEyeCo
Ausstellung im ZKM

Noch bis zum 28. August 2022 ist im ZKM in Karlsruhe der unter Beteiligung des Instituts für Telematik entwickelter Demonstrator PrEyeCo als Teil der Digiloglounge N°2 ausgestellt. Entwickelt wurde er zusammen mit dem Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Marketing (IISM) des KITs. Anhand eines Spieles demonstriert er die Nutzung von Eye-Tracking-Technologie um kooperativ über das Internet eine Aufgabe zu lösen. Da es sich bei den Bewegungsmustern der Augen allerdings um persönliche Daten handelt, wurden mehrere Maßnahmen ergriffen um diese Daten zu verschleiern und somit die Privatsphäre der Nutzer zu schützen.

Projektstart KIWI

Das BMBF-Projekt Künstliche Intelligenz für sichere Web-Infrastrukturen mit digitalem Identitätsmanagement (KIWI) ist am 1. Juni 2020 erfolgreich mit einem gemeinsamen Kick-Off-Meeting gestartet.

Wir widmen uns in KIWI dem Einsatz föderierter KI-Verfahren zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit in Kommunikationsnetzen von Identitätsmanagement-Systemen. Zusammen mit unseren Projektpartnern erforschen wir die Domänen-übergreifende Zusammenführung sicherheitsrelevanter Ereignisse, um präzise und zeitnah auf neue Bedrohungen reagieren zu können.

Absolventen mit Interesse an KI-basierter Netzsicherheit können sich gerne bei uns auf Promotionsstellen im Projekt KIWI bewerben.

Our teaching was awarded

At the semester colloquium on the 3rd February 2020, our lecture "Introduction to Computer Networks" was awarded twice in a row by the KIT Faculty of Computer Science as the best compulsory lecture, for the summer semesters 2018 and 2019. In addition, our "Project Internship: Software-Based Networks" was awarded as the best internship in Awarded summer semester 2018.


Hauke Heseding und Mario Hock haben ihre Forschungsergebnisse auf der IFIP Networking (20.-22. Mai 2019) in Warschau vorgestellt. Die Titel der Arbeiten lauten "Balancing Performance Characteristics of Hierarchical Heavy Hitters" und "FFBquick: Fast Convergence to Fairness for Delay-bounded Congestion Controls".

KuVS Prize (master thesis 2018)

Johannes Glöckle was awarded the KuVS Prize (master thesis 2018). The thesis entitled "Resource Efficient Monitoring Strategies to Support NFV-Based DDoS Mitigation" was written from October 25, 2017 to April 24, 2018.

Telematik als beste Stammvorlesung
Telematics as the best core lecture

The KIT Faculty of Computer Science awards the lecture Telematics as Best Master Lecture in the period from summer semester 2017 to winter semester 2017/2018 on the basis of the semester-based teaching evaluation of KIT and honors Prof. Martina Zitterbart, Robert Bauer, Sebastian Friebe, Polina Holzmann, Hauke Alexander Heseding, Mario Hock for the particularly successful participation in teaching.

X-WiNer-Award 2018 des DFN
X-WiNer Award 2018 of the DFN

Robert Bauer, Hauke Heseding and Addis Dittebrandt were awarded the X-WiNner-Award for the best contribution of a young scientist in the context of the 11th DFN-Forum Kommunikationsstechnologien 2018. The title of the article was "Teaching Network Softwareization with SDN Cockpit".

Best Poster Runner-Up
Best Poster Runner-Up

Markus Jung, Florian Rosenthal and Martina Zitterbart were awarded the Best Poster Runner-Up in ACM/IEEE IoTDI 2018, The 3rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation. Title of the article was "CoCPN-Sim: An Integrated Simulation Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems".

Wir gratulieren Moritz Kunze
We congratulate Moritz Kunze

The diploma thesis of Moritz Kunze has been awarded by the GI-Section Communication and Distributed Systems (KuVS) in the category best diploma / master thesis 2017.

The work is thus awarded as one of the best theses in Germany! We express our heartfelt congratulations.

Wir gratulieren Addis Dittebrandt
We congratulate Addis Dittebrandt

The bachelor thesis of Addis Dittebrandt has been awarded by the GI group Communication and Distributed Systems (KuVS) in the category Best Bachelor Thesis 2017.

The work is thus awarded as one of the best theses in Germany! We express our heartfelt congratulations.


SEED, a Shared Evaluation Environment für Software-Defined Network applications. It is latest developments at the Telematics Institute, make it possible to save time in the evaluation of various SDN applications.

More information can be found on GIThub.

LCN (Local Computer Networks) in Singapur

On October 9-12, 2017, Robert Bauer and Mario Hock presented two papers and a demonstrator at the IEEE LCN (Local Computer Networks) in Singapore.

IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP) in Toronto

On 10-13 October 2017, Roland Bless presented the paper "Experimental Evaluation of BBR Congestion Control" at the IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP) in Toronto.

SKILL 2017
Best Paper Award at the SKILL 2017 in Chemnitz

The work of Addis Dittebrandt, Michael König and Felix Neumeister was awarded the Best Paper Award at this year's students' conference Computer Science in Chemnitz. The paper is titled "Towards a Shared Evaluation Environment for Software Defined Networking".

More Details

Practice of telematics

On 28.02.2017 we welcomed 28 students to the closing event of Praxis der Telematik / Protocol-Engineering, which is traditionally offered together with the Telematics Lecture. This year, the participants specified, implemented and tested a modernized version of "sink ships". In total, eight different server and client implementations were brought together successfully!

For all, who could not participate this year due to lack of space: The internship will of course be offered in the next winter semester again! If you are still looking for an internship for the upcoming summer semester: Places are still available in the project internship "Software-based Networks" (further information can be found here).

Verstärkung für das Telematik-Team!
New colleague

From the 1st of March Tim Gerhard strengthens our team. We are pleased to welcome him as a new employee at the chair!

NetSys 2017

The team of Prof. Zitterbart will be represented at the International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys 2017). A paper on group communication and auditing in the cloud context will be presented (M. Flittner, A. Weigel, M. Zitterbart) as well as further work on Flow Delegation (SDNFlex Workshop) and on the prevention of fake identities in decentralized online discussion platforms ( Demo).

New colleague

We are pleased to welcome Valentin Kautz as a new employee from the 1st of November in our team!

ENSURE Kickoff in Karlsruhe

On 4 November 2016, the first meeting of the Copernicus project ENSURE took place in Karlsruhe. ENSURE deals with the question of how future energy network structures can be meaningfully designed taking into account technical, economic and social aspects. The group around Prof. Zitterbart will bring in particular expertise in the field of modern communication systems (for example, software-based network control and virtualization of network functions).

Nähere Informationen
praxia der forschung
Practice of research

In November, the next round of "Praxis der Forschung" will be launched, in which students will carry out a scientific research project together with the participating chairs over two semesters. The research group of Prof. Zitterbart is involved with three students this year (subject: systematic evaluation of SDN applications)

SPP1914 "Cyber-Physical Networking" Kickoff in Munich

The DFG Priority Program 1914 "Cyber-Physical Networking" started in Munich on 21.10.2016. The interdisciplinary program is dedicated to the study of closely interlinked control and communication systems with special real-time requirements. With the project "Cooperative Cyber-Physical Networking" the research groups around Prof. Uwe D. Hanebeck and Prof. Martina Zitterbart are involved in the Priority Program.

SENDATE Kickoff in Berlin

The European project "Secure Networking for a Data Center Cloud in Europe" (SENDATE) was launched in Berlin on 17.10.2016. In SENDATE, project partners from Sweden, Finland, France and Germany will jointly develop technologies to provide flexible and secure Internet logistics within Europe. The KIT and the Faculty of Computer Science are represented by the Chair of Telematics of Prof. Martina Zitterbart in the SENDATE consortium.

Practice of Telematics and Protocol Engineering

The internships for the coming winter semester 2016/17 are now available. You can find the application for the practice of telematics under, the registration for the basic internship protocol engineering Registration deadline for both events is 10/10/2016.

Proseminar Modern Communication Systems

Registration for WS 16/17 is available online from 12.09.2016 to 18.09.2016 under The allocation of space takes place on 19.09.2016 without consideration of the order of registration.

Workshop Klagenfurt
Workshop: Value-sensitive design of Internet-based services

At the 46th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Informatik in Klagenfurt (Austria), the workshop "Value-Sensitive Design of Internet-Based Services: Towards an Integration of Technology and Values" was held on September 29th, which was organized by Hannes Hartenstein, Alexander Maedche and Martina Zitterbart. The focus was on interdisciplinary research approaches for the design of Internet-based services in the field of tension between different actors (service providers, consumers, governance actors) and the associated conflicts of interest.

Nähere Informationen
Paper "Values and Networks" awarded Best of CCR

Auf der international führenden Konferenz SIGCOMM 2016 stellte Dr. Roland Bless den Beitrag "Values and Networks: Steps Toward Exploring their Relationships" im Rahmen der "Best of CCR"-Session vor. Der Artikel wurde zunächst bei der Zeitschrift "ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review" als Editorial Note eingereicht und im April 2016 dort veröffentlicht. Später erhielten die Autoren Carsten Orwat (KIT / ITAS) und Roland Bless die Benachrichtigung, dass der Beitrag als einer der beiden besten Artikel des letzen Jahres der Zeitschrift CCR ausgewählt wurde und bei der Konferenz SIGCOMM 2016 vorgestellt werden sollte. Der Artikel behandelt interdisziplinäre Fragestellungen, die auf den Institutionencharakter des Internets abzielen, d.h. das Internet ermöglicht, regelt und beschränkt zwischenmenschliche Interaktionen gleichermaßen und hat damit auch Auswirkungen auf gesellschaftliche Werte (u.a. Menschenrechte) bzw. deren Umsetzung. Es gibt jedoch noch viele offene Fragestellungen im Bereich der Gestaltungsoptionen: sollen bestimmte technische Maßnahmen für eine Umsetzung bestimmter Werte sorgen (Operationalisierung) oder gibt es andere institutionelle Arrangements (z.B. Regulierungsbehörden oder freie Märkte), die das ggf. mit technischer Unterstützung auf andere Weise gewährleisten können?

Company outing 2016

On the 26th of September the company outing of the research group Zitterbart took place. After the canoe tour in 2015, this time it was a bit more leisurely: 12 kilometers had to be mastered, with a draisine (!) on a decommissioned track in the southern Palatinate.

Best Student Paper Award at ITC 28

At this year's International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 28) in Würzburg, the work of Robert Bauer and Martina Zitterbart on scalability in software-based networks received the Best Student Paper Award. The paper is titled Port Based Capacity Extensions (PBCEs): Improving SDN's Flow Table Scalability (see also

Doppelpromition Backhaus Hartmann
Erfolgreiche Doppel-Promotion: Helge Backhaus und Fabian Hartmann

Wir gratulieren Helge Backhaus und Fabian Hartmann, die am 22. Juli ihre Doktorarbeiten erfolgreich verteidigt haben! Außerdem freuen wir uns, dass Herr Backhaus uns noch für einige Zeit als Postdoktor erhalten bleibt.

Promotion Martin Florian
Erfolgreiche Promotion: Martin Florian

Am 15. Juli hat Martin Florian seine Doktorarbeit erfolgreich verteidigt. Wir gratulieren von ganzem Herzen! Darüber hinaus bleibt uns Herr Florian noch für mindestens sechs weitere Monate als Postdoktor erhalten.

Verstärkung im Team

Wir freuen uns herzlich, Sebastian Friebe ab dem 1. Juli 2016 als neuen Mitarbeiter im Team begrüßen zu dürfen.

SDN Summerschool 2016
KuVS Summer School zum Thema SDN und NFV

Vom 20. bis zum 23. Juni fand in Glücksburg die KuVS Summer School 2016 zum Thema "Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization" statt, die von Holger Karl (Paderborn), Wolfgang Kellerer (München) und Martina Zitterbart (Karlsruhe) organisiert wurde. Neben zahlreichen Vorträgen zu SDN und NFV (u.a. von ATOS, BISDN, Genua, Huawei, NEC Eurolabs, NOKIA, Portugal Telecom, Siemens) gab es auch einen erfrischenden Teambuilding Day auf der Ostsee.

Neue Mitarbeiterin

Unser Team bekommt Verstärkung. Wir freuen uns herzlich, Polina Goltsman ab dem 01. Mai als neue Mitarbeiterin begrüßen zu dürfen.

Projektpraktikum: Softwarebasierte Netze

Die Anmeldung für das im Sommersemester 2016 stattfindende Projektpraktikum mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Software Defined Networking (SDN) ist ab sofort online verfügbar. Das Praktikum richtet sich an Master-Studierende der Informatik.

Seminar: Hot Topics in Networking

Anmeldung für das Seminar "Hot Topics in Networking" unter:

Pflichtprüfung im Master Informatik (SPO2015)

Studierende, die Informatik auf Master nach der neuen Prüfungsordnung "SPO 2015" studieren, müssen i.d.R. in jedem Vertiefungsfach eine Pflichtprüfung über 10-15 LP ablegen.

Nähere Informationen
PSE AluShare: Metadaten schützende Kommunikation mit Tor

Im Rahmen des PSE Praktikums wurden im Sommersemester 2015 am Institut für Telematik zwei Chat und FileSharing Anwendungen entwickelt, welche die am Institut entwickelte PTP Bibliothek verwenden. Bei der Kommunikation der Nutzer untereinander werden dabei sowohl die eigentlich ausgetauschten Daten als auch die Metadaten der Kommunikation geschützt.

Diese können auf der Projektseite zum ausprobieren heruntergeladen werden.

Prof. Martina Zitterbart und Dr. Christian Haas auf dem Cebit Presse Preview
Institut für Telematik auf dem Cebit Presse Preview

Prof. Martina Zitterbart und Dr. Christian Haas haben das Kompetenzzentrum für angewandte Sicherheitstechonolgien (KASTEL) auf dem Cebit Presse Preview vertreten.  Hierbei wurden neben den in KASTEL erarbeiteten Forschungsergebnissen der institutseigene Demonstrator zum privatsphärengerechten Smart Metering vorgestellt. Das Institut für Telematik wird auf der Cebit 2015 auf dem KIT Stand vertreten sein.

Internet of Everything
New lecture: Internet of Everything

Starting with Wintersemester 2014/2015 we offer a new lecture: Internet of Everything!

30 Years Ago: Former Telematic Scientist Received First Email in Germany

Prof. Michael Rotert received the first email in germany in August 1984 from the american CSNET at his mail adress rotert@germany. Together with Prof. Werner Zorn, who received a carbon copy of the mail, they both made history in the german computer science 30 years ago. Prof. Rotert is a former scientific research assistent of the Institute of Telematics.

More information is available on the website of the Department of Informatics.

Promotion Sören Finster
Successful thesis defense: Sören Finster

On July 16th, Sören Finster successfully defended his doctoral thesis. He remains as a post doctorate at the Institute of Telematics. The whole chair congratulates him on this occasion.

Telematics Colloquium for Alumni

The colloquim on July 4 was opened with the talk "Aufbau und Betrieb von Austauschpunkten im globalen Internet am  Beispiel DE-CIX, Frankfurt" by Prof. Michael Rotert. The Institute of Telematics was proud to received many visitors and former associates that evening.

Prof. Zitterbart
ZAK-Talk: Everything gets smart - the role technical communication

On June 12, Prof. Zitterbart did a talk for the Colloquium  Fundamentale program of the Centre for Cultural and General Studies:

Everything gets smart. The mobile is a smartphone, the city oft the future is a smart city. And also the traffic and the power grid gets smart. In short, we can call it "smart everything". The greater goal is a more convenient, efficient and economical way of life.

Christoph Werle
Successful thesis: Christoph Werle

On Mai 9, Christoph Werle successfully defended his thesis. The entire research group shares his happiness. We congratulate Christoph and wish him all the best for his future career!

Smart Everything
Prof. Zitterbart participated in KIT Business Club

On May 8, she gave a talk with the topic „Sensors Make Cities Smarter“ at an event regarding the "City of the Future".
IT infrastructure will play in future "Smart Cities" a major role. Everything will be in a network together and exchange data, especially sensors deployed in the environment (... even the car, the home or the garden can be considered as "big" sensors). In this context, IT security and privacy protection has an important role.

IEEE Infocom 2014

On April 28th, the paper "SMART-ER: peer-based privacy for smart metering" by Sören Finster and Ingmar Baumgart was presented at IEEE INFOCOM 2014 as part of the workshop "Communication and Control for Smart Energy Systems (CCSES)". The goal of this work is the protection of customers' privacy in future energy systems.

Dr. Dudek und Dr. Martin
Two successful theses

On 17.04. Denise Dudek and Denis Martin  defended their theses successfully. Both survived the bumpy ride in our traditional promotion trolley luckily unharmed. im traditionenellen Promotionswagen haben beide zum Glück unbeschadet überstanden. For the professional future we wish them all the best.

Dr. Christian Haas
Christian Haas defends his thesis

On 07.02. Christian Haas successfully defended his doctoral thesis. He remains as a post doctorate at the Institute of Telematics. The whole chair congratulates him on this occasion.

New Telematics Stammmodul and two new labs

Our courses have been restructured. Starting with WS 2013/14, the Telematics Stammmodul consists of a single 6 credit points Telematics lecture. The exercise is not held anymore. In addition, we offer two new labs: "Protocol Engineering" and "Praxis der Telematik" (4 and 6 credit points respectively). See for more information.

Erfolgreiche Promotion: Joachim Wilke
Successful Defence

On October 31, Joachim Wilke defended his thesis successfully. The entire research group shares his happiness. We congratulate Joachim and wish him all the best for his future career!

Visitors from Canada

For four weeks in May and June Prof. Jörg Liebeherr from University of Toronto, ON, Canada, is visiting the institute. He is accompanied by his PhD Student Boris Dražić. Both will conduct research in overlay-based routing mechanisms during this time.

Online registration for seminars

We've just enabled the online registration for the Seminar "Hot Topics in Networking" for summer term 2014.

Die Chairs der NovaEnEv
NovaEnEv in Ottawa

On June 15, 2012 the ICC workshop "Novel approaches to Energy Measurement and Evaluation in Wireless Networks" (NovaEnEv) took place in Ottawa.
Best Paper Award at WONS 2013

The paper "OverDrive: An Overlay-based Geocast Service for Smart Traffic Applications" by Bernhard Heep, Martin Florian, Ingmar Baumgart und Johann Volz won the Best Paper Award at the Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services (WONS) conference 2013.

Promotion Martin Röhricht
Martin Röhricht defends his thesis successfully

 The entire research group shares his happiness. We congratulate Martin and wish him all the best for his future career.

ITM Mitarbeiter im Hochseilgarten
Das ITM will hoch hinaus... Betriebsausflug 2012

Am 12. Juli 2012 begab sich das Institut für Telematik auf den diesjährigen Betriebsausflug in den Fun Forest Abenteuerpark in Kandel. Den Teilnehmern wurde ausreichend Nervenstärke, Schwindelfreiheit und etwas sportliches Geschick abverlangt, damit sie sich durch die 15 Parcours des Hochseilgartens von Baum zu Baum hangeln konnten.

Am Ende des Tages durften sich die tapferen Mitarbeiter schließlich beim Grillen am Institut für ihre Taten feiern und belohnen lassen.

Erfolgreiche Promotionen

Christian Hübsch und Sebastian Mies haben am 29. Juni erfolgreich ihre Dissertationen vor der Fakultät verteidigt. Die ganze Forschungsgruppe freut sich mit ihnen. Wir gratulieren und wünschen ihnen alles Gute für ihren weiteren Werdegang bei itk und in Mountain View! 

Oliver Waldhorst & Jochen Furthmüller
Jochen Furthmüller defends his thesis successfully

The entire research group shares his happiness. We congratulate Jochen and wish him all the best for his future career.

Promotion Dr. Völker und Dr. Hurler
Lars Völker and Bernhard Hurler defend their theses successfully

The entire research group shares their happiness. We congratulate and wish them all the best for their future career.

Network of the Future 2011 Best Paper Award

A team from Munich and Karlsruhe consisting of Oliver Hanka and Hans Wippel won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on the Network of the Future (NoF 2011) in Paris with their proposal Secure Deployment of Application-Tailored Protocols in Future Networks that was developed within the G-Lab project.

Dr. Ingmar Baumgart
KIT Doctoral Award

The KIT Doctoral Award 2011 was awarded to Dr. Ingmar Baumgart for his excellent doctoral research work "Verteilter Namensdienst für dezentrale IP-Telefonie".

Promotion Bernhard Heep und Christoph Mayer
Bernhard Heep and Christoph Mayer defend their theses successfully

The entire research group shares their happiness. We congratulate and wish them all the best for their future career.

Open positions

There are several open positions for researchers.

Eminent softwareproject by students at "Informatics Day"

Students of the »Software Engineering Lab« at Institute of Telematics developed a solution for interactive real-time visualization of wireless sensor networks and presented their project at »Informatics Day«.

4th Telematics Meeting

The fourth Telematics Meeting took place on July 1st. Alumni and the current staff came together for networking and exchanging ideas.

Prüfungstermine Telematik

Folgende Termine stehen für Prüfungen bei Prof. Dr. Zitterbart in den kommenden Monaten zur Verfügung:

21. April, 27. Mai, 31. Mai, 14. Juni, 21. Juni 2011.

Anmeldungen zu mündlichen Prüfungen können im Sekretariat bei Frau Natzberg erfolgen.

Prof. Gunningberg
Prof. Gunningberg visiting our research group

From May 24th - 25th Prof. Per Gunningberg from Uppsala Universitet, Sweden was visiting the Institute of Telematics. He presented his work on testbeds for senor networks and came to see the MeRegio Lab "Smart Home" (see picture).

Stephan Krause mit Doktorhut
Stephan Krause defends his thesis successfully

The entire research group shares his happiness. We congratulate Stephan and wish him all the best for his future career.

The new router testbed
Launch of new router testbed

A new router testbed was installed at the Institute of Telematics. 25 high-end PCs are in operation since the beginning of this year and are currently used for extensive experimentation regarding network virtualization and signaling.

more ...
Ariba wins Software Award

The Ariba Framework developed  by the Institute of Telematics was awarded with the KuvS Software Award 2011.

New centre for IT security

The Institute of Telematics is part of new centre for IT security at KIT.

Tutors wanted for Algorithms I lecture

The lecture Algorithms I will be hosted from our research group in summer 2011. We are in search of tutors to support us in this task. Interested students should contact Sören Finster for further details.

Prof. Schulzrinne visits the Institute of Telematics

Prof. Henning Schulzrinne from Columbia University, USA, will visit the Institute of Telematics and give a colloquium talk on network neutrality on Tuesday, 25 January at 11:30am, room -102 in building 50.34. The title of his talk will be »Where Technology Meets Policy -- Network Neutrality«

New phone numbers from 1st January on

Our phone numbers will change on Jan 1st 2011. Our previous extensions will get a 4 as a prefix: e.g. dial +49 721 608 41234 instead of +49 721 608 1234. Find the numbers on the personal page of our staff members.

Roland Bless
KIT-Interview about IPv6

Interview with PD Dr.-Ing. Roland Bless about IPv6.

Best Lecture!

The Lecture "Drahtlose Sensor-Aktor-Netze" (Wireless Sensornetworks) has been awarded.

Best Paper Award at ATNAC 2010

The paper "R/Kademlia: Recursive and Topology-aware Overlay Routing" written by Bernhard Heep was awarded best paper at the Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference 2010.

New staff members

Amos Brocco (visiting researcher) and Fabian Hartmann (research staff) joined our group in December.

Launch of SANDbed, our Testbed for Wireless Sensor Networks

SANDbed was finally launched in its first expansion stage and is now available for experiments in wireless sensor networks.

New Website

Right on time for start of Wintersemester 2010 we got a new website.